Friday, March 31, 2017

Week 5 Predictions Thread - Timbers v Revolution

It's week 5 of the MLS season and we're back with predictions for this weekend's match for the Portland Timbers. This week, they have a home date with the New England Revolution, winless on the road in 2 matches so far. New England has a fairly potent offense with a cavalcade of offensive options, but their defense is another story - hmmmm, does that sound familiar? Our crew puts out their thoughts for the Sunday night match, begrudging the fact that Jennifer was the only one to get the result right from last week's loss to the Columbus Crew by a 3 to 2 result. For the felines, the predictions are based upon questions and their reactions, while our human participants speak in their own words and style.

Spot loves soccer bags. It's her way.

Spot - Scoreless draw.  

After losing last week in the competition, I thought Spot would be clamoring to get back on track. However, she remained elusive when asking her about the match. To each question, it was her "Nyuh" face and walking away. Maybe she knows something we all don't, but I interpreted her action to no goals for anybody.

Tortie is hiding but she can still predict soccer.

Tortie - 7 to 5 Timbers.

Tortie was very excited about everything, as there was tons of eeps and meows. I counted 7 for Portland, 5 for New England and two head butts for the morning food choice of Purine One Hairball formula, so we'll go with that. This food doesn't seem to create as many hairballs as I thought it might, though.

GB asks where is the food. Seriously, I can't find it.

GB - 3 to 1 Revolution.

When I asked about this match, GB was very unresponsive early in the questioning, being rather coy in his responses. When Jennifer finally asked about the result by saying, "If New England will win, look away from me.", GB complied and looked down at the couch. With 3 thumps of his tail and 1 head butt afterwards, GB predicts the home fans won't leave Providence Park very happy.

Scarf plus Vegas equals good.

Kip - 3 to 1 Timbers.

Stop me if this sounds familiar - a match up of two sides with impressive offensive players but defenses that could be questionable. New England has a solid collective of attacking options - Juan Agudelo, Diego Fagundez, Kei Kamara, Daigo Kobayashi, Lee Nguyen - and midfielders that can churn about, but it's been the defense and a relatively unknown keeper that have been question marks. Portland is a bit cranky after the loss to the Crew, so I expect them to be better prepared, especially with a Nagbe and Guzman available.

What a squad of referees may look like (J.Kesgard)

Jennifer - Timbers 1, Revolution 4.

New England's not doing so well out of the gate this season. That's why a loss to them by a considerable margin will be especially embarrassing for Portland. The Timbers have already scored enough goals this season, so the rest of the year will be a mediocre trickle of halfhearted attempts. Someone may succeed randomly this match while the refs aren't looking, so that's why I didn't through all in on a shutout loss. I already know I'm going to get so tired of winning this predictions game.

It's Rick, everybody! (R. Curwen)

Rick - Timbers 4, Revolution 2.

New England started the season with two losses on the road, 0-1 to Colorado and 1-2 to FC Dallas before slamming five goals past Minnesota United FC last weekend in a 5 to 2 home victory. The Timbers should be back to full strength in the midfield with the return of Nagbe and Guzman from international duty. The defense remains a concern with Ridgewell and Vytas still out. With that in mind, I'm going to change my prediction from 3-1 to 4-2.

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  1. With their being a 1 all draw in the result, Spot actually guesses the correct result but not the correct score. Otherwise, everyone else was off on score and result. Onto week 6!