Friday, April 21, 2017

Week 8 Prediction Thread - Timbers v. Vancouver Whitecaps

This guy won't be lurking about for goals versus the Caps
The Friday weather is simply gorgeous here in Portland with nothing but blue skies and a lack of clouds about, and that has put many folks in a great mood. Something else that seems to lighten the psyche of Timbers fans is knowing that a Cascadia Cup match is forthcoming, especially if that match should be at the home park. On April 22, the current Cascadia Cup holders, the Vancouver Whitecaps, make their first of 2 trips in 2017 to the Rose City. With the Timbers, Whitecaps and Flounders all playing each other 3 different times in 2017, the fate of the Cup won't be determined until later this fall. However, the Whitecaps have been the holders for 3 of the last 4 seasons and they already have a win over Seattle back on April 14 in their portfolio.

Timbers Army members, however, would love to forget what happened in 2016 in the final match of the regular season. Needing a win to secure a playoff berth with the Cup in their grasp and having a good overall winning history at B.C. Place on their side, Portland had to feel some confidence to leave Canada with some type of honor. However, the Caps routed the Timbers by a 4 to 1 scoreline which not only eliminated the Timbers from the postseason, but also won the Whitecaps the 2016 Cascadia Cup based on goal differential. All 3 sides tied with 9 overall points within the matches, but Vancouver ended up with a +1 goal differential versus Portland's 0 and Seattle's -1, which put the Cup in Canadian hands for 2017. While Portland has several new players that might not be aware of what happened, there are plenty of holdovers that recall what occurred - and I'm sure they would love nothing more that to start out the 2017 Cascadia Cup campaign with a huge win. With that in mind, what does our crack team of prognosticators think about this weekend's match?

I'm dreaming of a lot of goals. Or food.

GB - Timbers 3, Whitecaps 3.

GB wasn't very excited about last week's matchup, but was a bit more animated about this week's game. The many meows, however, were more about goals and not for any team in particular, either. And it wasn't even close to meal time, so it would appear the grey boy is picking a shootout between the rivals.

Eeep, eeep, eeep, eeep. Tortie speaks a different tongue.

Tortie - Timbers 10, Whitecaps 8.

The littlest ninja cat was rather upset that the track meet she thought would happen last week didn't happen, but with the rain falling and Caps in the house, she meowed and rolled about when asked about the match. Kip heard slightly more meows for the Timbers than the Caps, but she's thinking there will be goals. Lots and lots of goals.

I played soccer at Providence Park. No, I didn't get any goals.

Kip - Timbers 3, Whitecaps 1.

It's been frustrating to watch the Timbers amble along at home, especially since they had such impressive wins earlier in the year. Part of it is due to tactics of the opponent, but I don't think Vancouver is as stout on defense as New England or Sporting KC. Vancouver's offense is improved by adding a striker that shall remain nameless, but even without Fanendo Adi, I think Darlington Nagbe + Diego Valeri + Darren Mattocks = big Timbers win.

Cats and dogs getting along? Yeah that never happens.

Rick - Timbers 1, Whitecaps 1.

Vancouver have only won one regular season match in Portland during rhe MLS era with four of the nine games ending level. On the other hand, the Timbers have only won one of their last six regulars season games against the 'Caps. With Adi gone, thanks to the Disciplinary Committee,I expect to see Diego Valeri to break free of his teammate (5 goals apiece) to take the lead as the Timbers leading scorer this season. Sadly, my crystal ball also indicates that Fredy Montero will take advantage of our shaky defense.

I am in charge of everything that I can see.

Spot - Timbers 0, Whitecaps 1.

After two weeks of calling for a scoreless draw, the princess of the cat collective did indicate a goal would be scored. However, she believes it will be the other side that will be celebrating more in this match. Hey, we at least got her to pick a side and indicate some goals this week, so that is a step in the right direction. Or not.


Jennifer - Timbers -4, Whitecaps 11.

Oh, it's like a train want to look away, but you can't. Such exquisite disappointment awaits for everyone in attendance at this Cascadia catastrophe. Having to wear a rain suit to shoot this match is bad enough, but the added bonus of an excruciating loss will be even worse. I'm mad I have to miss the March for Science, so the Timbers deserve all they get.

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  1. After today's 2 to 1 win, looks like Kip and Tortie picked the right result but not the right score.